Our services are always tailored to meet the clients' needs. We offer coaching sessions, consultations and trainings in the following fields:

- relocation programs

- intercultural communication 

- diversity management



relocation programs

AMAGI Consulting offers relocation programs for those who plan to live and work abroad for an extended period of time. The main goal is to minimize the possibility of culture shock for your employees and their families. We always provide you with materials for further use and give you a list of dos and don'ts. Services are customized but they include the following:

- country specific information

- guide to culture and history of a given country with focus on particular region which you are interested in

- custom training for specific intercultural challenges.

Moreover, in programs for Poland we add:

- everyday basics: housing and accommodation, shopping, banking, medical services, transportation, leisure, social activities

- language training

- contacts with business organizations from your home country in Poland.

This training enables the participant to understand how similar/different their culture is to Polish. We give you a list of dos and don'ts and provide you with materials for further use.

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intercultural communication

This program is designed for those who work in different culture than they grew up in. It helps to understand the cultural influence on decisions we make, communicate with others and ways we deal with problems. Not only is it intended for employees (including management level) who travel abroad but for those who work in virtual teams as well.

In cooperation with academia we design and facilitate curricula for university programs.

Being a part of the worldwide network we can prepare programs on any culture and our team in Krakow office specialize in English, Spanish and German speaking nations, as well as the Mediterranean region, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the Slavic countries.

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diversity management

Diversity management program focuses on maintaining a positive workplace environment. It helps to overcome any form of exclusion in companies e.g. based on ethnicity, race, age, religion, sex and sexual orientation. It promotes recognition and respect for individuals and can also effectively improve the organization as a whole by encouraging employees to stay who they really are.

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