Some of our partners are:



Effective communication across cultures is paramount and Kwintessential excel in helping clients succeed through the provision of key cross cultural solutions including translation services, interpreters, multilingual design and intercultural communication training.



Euro Academy is a training system for people who will have direct contact with tourists visiting Poland during Euro 2012. The initiator of the project is PL.2012, a special purpose vehicle of the Minister of Sport and Tourism. The AMAGI Consulting team members provide knowledge on cultural differences, professional customer service, the most important information concerning Euro 2012 and the awareness of the tourist attractions of each region. 

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ELC (EcoLogic Consultancy) is our Bulgarian partner providing a working knowledge of the basic traits of Bulgarian culture to minimize unpleasant surprises (culture shock). Their programs will help you bridge the cultural gap and enable you to interact successfully, while enjoying Bulgaria.

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Shelley Morrison provides consulting and training in marketing, negotiations, communications and intercultural relations for corporate, non-profit and higher education clients and is based in Seattle, Washington.

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IOR Global Services is a leading provider of global mobility and talent management solutions designed to advance employee effectiveness across cultures. They take a personal approach delivering destination services, language training and translation, intercultural training and assessment tools. IOR is a leader in the field, sharing their global knowledge for over 30 years.

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Marion Burgheimer is an intercultural trainer and a certificated group facilitator in Hebrew, French and English, with an MA in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. She has substantial experience in group facilitation in these three languages, in the business sector as well as in the organizational and educational sector.

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