About me


It’s nice to have you visiting my site. My name is Konrad Wdowiak and I am liberating people from the boundaries of their culture. I’m committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and as a proud European I shout out “In varietate concordia” (United in Diversity). I have been living in London since 2012 and hold dual British and Polish (my country of origin) citizenship.

I’ve been working in business, academia and NGOs in the area of cross-cultural communication since 2006 as a cultural advisor, consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach helping people to understand each other better. I have a strong scientific background in the subject having 2 master’s degrees – one in Business Management and the other one in Sociology (with major in sociology of culture and social communication).

I specialise in:

  • Relocation Training and Coaching
  • Daily Living Consultancy – country expert for UK, Poland, USA and more
  • Intercultural Communication, Cultural Awareness
  • Cross-cultural Training and Coaching
  • Cultural Due Diligence
  • Creativity across cultures
  • Diversity & Equality Programs
  • Organizational Development, Corporate Culture, Culture Change
  • Time Management, Stress Management
  • Effective Learning, Modern Techniques of Processing Information (speed reading and mnemonics)

I offer, among others:

  1. Intercultural communication program designed for those who work in different culture than they grew up in to help to understand the cultural influence on decisions we make, communicate with others and ways we deal with problems. I also prepare culturally adjusted trainings on team building and management, personnel appraisal and employee relations, time and stress management. Not only are they intended for employees (including management level) who travel abroad but for those who work in virtual teams as well.
  2. Diversity management program focuses on maintaining a positive workplace environment to help to overcome any form of exclusion in companies e.g. based on ethnicity, race, age, religion, sex and sexual orientation. It promotes recognition and respect for individuals and can also effectively improve the organization as a whole by encouraging employees to stay who they really are.
  3. Relocation programs for those who plan to live and work abroad for an extended period of time to minimize the possibility of culture shock. I provide clients with materials for further use and give a list of dos and don’ts. Services are customized but always include:
  • country specific information
  • guide to culture and history of a given country with focus on particular region which clients are interested in
  • custom training for specific intercultural challenges

You can read more about my professional career and interests in this blog entry.